Get The Offer You Deserve With The John Bolos Group.

Do you want to get the ball rolling but feel overwhelmed with all the details of selling your home? The John Bolos Group provides you with a turnkey service that makes the process as easy as possible. We visit you personally to advise and guide you on everything necessary to get the best value on your home. While working with you to sell your home, my team of specialized buyers work with you to find your next dream home.


Finding Your Dream Home Starts Here

We deliver to you a fair market value offer based on the most current comps and upgrades you have made to your house.

You have complete control over your timeline & move-out date.

Sit back and relax, knowing you made the best use of our service to sell your home for a similar price as your neighbors but with absolutely zero work or hassle.


Added Value:

Best Value

Using my marketing system, you get top dollar for your home in less time with fewer showings and no headaches.

Top Team

While I am working directly with you to sell your home, my team of specialized buyers work with you to find your next dream home.

Commission Discount

Discount on commission if we represent both buyer and seller.

Cash for Renovation

Keller Williams Ready to Sell Program provides upfront cash for cosmetic home renovations without any out-of-pocket expense to help you get the most for your home now.


If you’re a homeowner with property within 40 miles of the Charlotte Area, you’re in a highly desirable market. Relocation and the pandemic has drastically changed our housing market and it’s important now more than ever to find the right agent who can secure your sale for the most amount of money. Let me show you how.


No matter where you are looking to call home, having a qualified and expert real estate agent will help make the home buying process easy.




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